The festival, now in its 14th year will:

  • Include various tools with the focus of raising awareness of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma to the wider community
  • Be a celebration of the community and being pioneers of a new age

The teachings of Yogi Bhajan are imprinted in our hearts, he wished for us to be free and he taught us methods to liberate our hearts so that we could live from our souls and have a positive effect on the beings that come behind us. Our festival this year will be themed to honour his wishes while connecting us to the elemental forces that make it possible for humankind to exist.

Festival Theme for 2017

The overarching theme this year is to ‘Remember the Seven Generations’ the seventh generational principle considers that every decision, word or action that we commit to, has some form of impact upon the earth for up to 175 years- that is 25 years per generation. Native American tribes have long upheld this premise as the foundation of peace treaties between tribes. Yogi Bhajan asked us to be a positive force in the universe and so we will sublimely thread our theme through this me together so that we can send our positive intention to the younger generations and those that have yet to come.

Festival Goal

The main goal of the great British Kundalini Yoga Festival is to provide an environment where people can come together to experience and enjoy positive, healthy and supportive group energy through yogic practice and wisdom based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

Festival Commitment

The festival is committed to sharing this experience with respect for all living beings including other people and their belongings, animals and plants on the festival site. In order that we all keep safe please note that fires including tea lights and incense are strictly forbidden. Please do not bring drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or pets to the festival.

Festival Themes

Theme for Saturday – Connecting to Water
british kundalini yoga festival Saturday theme water

The uniqueness of Earth lies in the body of Water that flows upon the surface of our planet. Without water we would not be here today. Some say that in a few genera ons clean water on Earth will have a higher value than gold. Our bodies are up to 80% of water and science has proved that water has a consciousness.
Connecting to water invites a ow to come into the arena and cools off the residual energy of fire. Our water day invites you to connect to the water that is constantly recycled around the planet and once again connects us all.


Theme for Sunday -Connecting to Ether
british kundalini yoga festival Sunday theme ether

The nature of ether or space feels mystical to most as we cannot, hear, see or touch the ether yet we know that it exists. All of the information in the known universe are said to be held in some of its smallest particles; ideas, stories, memories of long distant times are held in the ether for us and for the future genera ons. Connection to ether invites a sense of expansion into our energy fields.
We dedicate the final day of the festival to ether in order for us to connect to each other in the eld so that we can enhance our awareness- to go beyond the ordinary and stay connected to each other until we meet again.

Aquarian Sadhana

Aquarian Sadhana or morning group get together normally begins at 5am.

Interested in the Aquarian Sadhana.

Group Meditation

The all-camp-meditation will be held every day at 5.30pm. This is an opportunity for the whole camp, including the children, to meditate together. The meditation will be Mul Mantar for 22 minutes.


Children’s Activities will be run by Julianne from star child yoga and Vineet Kaur will be organising fun and colourful activates for the kids (including kids bouncy castle).

Festival Food

There will be delicious vegetarian food available at mealtimes cooked fresh on the day. At breakfast expect fresh fruit and spicy tea.

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Festival top 5 thins to do