Amanjot Kaur

Amanjot Kaur

Hello dear visitor, my spiritual name is Amanjot Kaur (Alla is my given name) and I am happy to welcome you to the festival. Hope you will enjoy being with us.

My personal commitment is to uplift women of all walks of life to become aware of their own power and influence and then use these consciously in the right way with love and compassion to uplift whose around her.

I believe in a Woman being a part of a collective creative force of change.

I also believe in a strength of a Mother to make the change possible. 

If you share similar beliefs or want to find out more, do get in touch, would be great to meet you.

Sat Naam Sanscrit word Amanjot means a person of Peace and Jot means God’s light. These are the faculties I embody more and more every time my spiritual names are called. Alla is a female aspect of the God Allah.

I am really not a writing type, so had to come out of my shell here 🙂 I prefer live interactions, looking in person’s eyes and giving lots of hugs.

Kundalini Yoga found me in 2009 and the impact was so profound, that I wanted to share it and started teaching almost instantenuously. Since then, I’ve completed Level I and II teacher trainings, as well as Pregnancy Yoga teacher training, Children’s Yoga training and many other commodities including Reconnective Healing, Homeopathy Self Prescribing Course and Feng Shui. All of them are mixed in my heart into one magic concoction and I manage to harmonise my life with their help.

I am a mother of 3 and Guru knows I’d be so dull and serious if I hadn’t had kids. My family is at the very core of my being and a lot of my students become my very good friends and even “extended family members”.

Here’s what my beloved husband says about me:

Amanjot’s first experience with Kunalini Yoga was in 2009, finding the pace and style extremely effective delivering recurring positive results. Amanjot’s empathetic skills and creative energy has helped her succeed in teaching yoga at the different stages of peoples live’s. Involved with weekly Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga with Mummy, Children classes through to adults in Woking, Surrey. She is also a keen co-facilitator for monthly women’s circles called “Red Tent” and one of the weekly Sadhana leaders.


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