Anand Kirtan

Anand Kirtan studied as a kundalini yoga teacher with Karam Kriya and continues to study with her teacher and mentor Shiv Charan Singh. She teaches yoga, music and humanology to adults, children and families in the Midlands countryside and travels widely to teach and to sing, accompanied by her husband and three musical children.

As Sound Code Sirius, they have released four albums of uplifting music with mantras and harmony from various devotional lineages and due ed with Deva Premal and Miten. Anand Kirtan is committed to living out the energy of her name, bringing bliss and consciousness through the Naad of sacred sound.

3 Minutes to Energy, Creativity and Prosperity

We will be raising the re in our bellies with a series of three minute exercises which power through your 10 bodies to revitalise you, enhance your charisma and make you radiant! We will activate the re in you to spark your creativity and release blockages in the lower energy centres.

Then we will work with breath and affirmation on to open both the mental and vibrational doors to prosperity. Then as the re inside of you subsides to a warm glow, we ow into the Movement Relaxation Series, set to live music from Sound Code Sirius. Fire and its transition through to water is honoured with rhythmic, unforced, graceful and free movement, relaxing the body and mind in preparation for the evening rituals.

We will release tension stored in the body from our everyday emotions clearing through trauma and imbalance and celebrating our absolute beauty, grace and self- containment.

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