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Catherine is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and psychotherapist. With an interest in the mind-body link and specifically how emotions such as anxiety and depression manifest in the physical body, Catherine began training as a Kundalini yoga teacher in London, France and Russia.
Catherine is passionate about sharing the teachings of Kundalini yoga as a physical and spiritual practice and as a means to change the way you feel.

Calming the Anxiety Within

We are programmed to feel fear as this keeps us safe and helps us turn away from danger. Our fear is therefore useful and has a purpose. But what happens when our anxiety increases to levels we find hard to manage, not because of danger but because life is too fast, we have too much to do or we simply feel overwhelmed.
As the mind speeds up, so does the body and every organ is affected. In this workshop, Catherine will invite you to listen to the messages of the body as a means to manage and transform nervous energy. Through working with the breath, movement, posture, mudra and meditation we will tune the systems of the body, shift energy, release tension and calm the mind. Whether you are anxious or not, this workshop will invite you to consider the mind/body link as a means to self-sooth and self-regulate.
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