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Ishwara Kaur has been training Teachers of Kundalini Yoga for almost 15 years. She is recognised by the governing body of Kundalini Yoga as a Lead Trainer for both levels 1 & 2 and she is a Mentor for new trainees. She is passionate about the spiritual Teachings relating to women. In particular, what it means to live as a woman in the Aquarian Age; to live in a conscious relationship; to be a female Spiritual Teacher. She has experienced deep transformation over the years which has given her an indepth understanding of the challenges and joys of the spiritual path.

In 2009 Ishwara Kaur left the UK and moved to live in France with her husband Kirpal Singh. In 2012 they co-founded the School of Sacred Teachings – Ik Saran Dhian. ( Today they run level 1 & 2 trainings in the UK (Kent), France, Germany and India.

A workshop for Women: Trust your intuition

When we relax our intuition is naturally present.
Deepening our trust and our listening skills, brings us into closer contact with this wonderful gift. We will explore the nature of intuition; have lots of dialogue and do a little practise!

Suhab Kaur
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