Kirpal Singh

british kundalini yoga festival Kirpal Singh

Kirpal Singh has been practising Kundalini Yoga since 1985. He has trained in western and traditional Indian music and keertan (devotional singing). In 1992 Kirpal Singh met Shiv Charan Singh, his teacher, with whom he studied Sacred Numerology – Karam Kriya – and the more subtle aspects of Kundalini Yoga.
He is a trainer and consultant of Sacred Numerology. He also teaches on Level 1 & 2 Teacher Training programs and was co-founder, with Ishwara Kaur, of the School of Sacred Teachings – Ik Saran Dhian.

Workshop 1 – A workshop for Men:

From anger and pain to excellence
It’s a meditation.
Let’s discover the power of authenticity that brings us from the recognition of our suffering to the acknowledgement of a deeper longing for connection with spirit.
We will practise exercises, meditation and pranayama.

Workshop 2 – Karam Kriya – Sacred Numerology

In poetic language we say numbers are the footprints of the divine in creation. Practically we say numbers are the most universal system for decoding whatever you hear, feel and see. Through Number Awareness you have the chance to anchor to something beyond the superficial. Having such an anchor helps to free you from getting too deeply involved in the world.
By grasping the number sense of things you are less idenified with the form. Numbers are precise and have innate integrity. By allowing their intelligence to guide us, we can experience a profound re-alignment.
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