Marta Antero

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Marta is an inspiring and passionate teacher of Kundalini, Bikram, Yin, Kids and Kundalini Yoga for Mastering the Addictive Personality. She has spread her passion for yoga all over the word teaching in the US, Australia and Indonesia.
She brings a modern approach to Kundalini Yoga empowering students to embrace “real life” challenges, to manage their emotions and to create a shift in their lives. Her classes are dynamic and her energy and enthusiasm for the teachings of Yogi Bhajan is highly contagious!

Kundalini Yoga for Addictive Behaviours

Most of us have an addictive nature but the majority of us do not recognise it’s presence. We might not be addicted to drugs, sex or gambling but we might be using alcohol, cigarettes, food, shopping, social media, anxiety, rage, negative thinking, excessive working, intense exercise, relationships, power … as a tool to manage our emo ons. In this workshop we will explore the nature and root of our addictive personality, the impact on our body, our nervous system and our hormones using the latest concepts of Neuroplas city.
How we can use posture and breath to remarkably change how we feel in a short space of me, learning to regulate ourselves and to manage our state of being. Even if you don’t believe you have an addictive personality, this workshop will provide the tools to help you to manage your reality and create a powerful shift in your life.

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