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Scotty found kundalini yoga in 2009 when he saw Maya Fiennes doing Sat Kriya on TV and said to himself “what on earth could that do for anyone, how ridiculous”? The gym, football and weights were his thing for years until he met kundalini.
A bizarre experience at his first Kundalini class and then some years a er at this festival he got a wake up call to what this technology is truly about. It was at his third GBKYF the universe repeatedly whispered to him through sangat he would be a great teacher.
Bemused at the time and the internal conflict arising within finally called him to listen to and follow his heart to be a teacher of Kundalini yoga and so he completed his Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with I-Sky and began teaching classes mid way through his training. He now has a weekly class, one day and residential retreats, 1-1 and the cherry on the cake for him is being part of the committee of this great British kundalini festival.

Balancing the Vayus

Prana which is the yogic term for life force travels along energy channels called ida, pingala and sushmuna. These nadi or pathways interact with the chakras which are seen as spinning energy centres or vortexes which translates as wheel. These wheels manage and direct the prana in different directions at different speeds for different reasons and effects.
We can control and effect different experiences with the prana by engaging the three bhanda or body locks as they are known in eastern anatomy. The five vayas/winds must have a combination and balance.This workshop explores all the vayus of the body and allows you to understand and experience how they bring an equilibrium to your entire glandular system.
Kirpal Singh
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