Shaura Hall

british kundalini yoga festival Shaura Hall

Shaura’s journey as a kundalini yoga teacher began in 2007 and it has been her pleasure to be a member of this community ever since. On a path of discovery she has learnt from a diverse range of teachers. Today she is a member of KYTA and IKTA as a kundalini teacher, C-IYAT accredited yoga therapist and a senior yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.
She is a yoga therapy faculty has written and delivered science- based accredited CPD trainings for yoga teachers and a 200hr yoga teacher-training course. Her training in Supervision has given her a unique understanding of how group dynamics work, which further supports her teaching.

The Lord Agni

The Lord Agni is considered to be the God of fire in the Indian traditions; this energy is so important that is the second word that appears in the sacred book of the Rig Veda.
The ancients honoured him as an intercessor between them and the Gods. At some point one of the devotional groups internalised the Lord and the concept of inner fire was born.
Our gut holds the inner fire yet how often do we listen to our gut instinct?
In this workshop Shaura traverses between lands as she shares concepts about fire, transformation, physiology and connection on to our gut; including the ability to read and respond to the environment without getting burnt in the process. Our practice will forge a bond with this energy through a kriya to stimulate the third chakra and a dedicated meditation.
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