Each day will begin with the Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Sadhana, which is a specific set of practises that Yogi Bhajan gave to us to help our transition from the Piscean to the Acquarian Age. This is a beautiful experience starting at 5am each day, that all are invited to attend.

Sadhana Room

This year the Sadhana Room is located on the first floor of the LC Building, upstairs to your left. It is a big comfortable space, we will place some chairs at the back for anyone wishing to take a break from sitting on the floor or wanting to rest but stay in the energy.

We begin with the reading of the Japji, the Song of the Soul, which is composed by the mystical poet Guru Nanak.

Sadhana Words

A large print version in Word format and PDF format for those of you with a tablet or smartphone is available, please download and use offline during sadhana.

We then continue with some physical yoga and a short relaxation. The last 62 minutes of the practise involves the chanting of uplifting sacred mantras with live music.

If you’ve never experienced a sadhana before then we really encourage you to come and have this experience. It is an inspiring group practise and the energy is very still at this time in the morning so it can be much easier to enter a place of peace and ecstasy within yourself.
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