This year the British kundalini yoga festival will take place from 10am Tuesday 26th to Sunday 31st May 2020.

This year we are back at The Academy St Albans in Hertfordshire which is big and beautiful – we love it! It’s got loads of space for us to run our Kundalini workshops.

Kids Activities

“Children are your living embodiment of your dignity, intelligence, and your consciousness. Remember, children are your chance of liberation. They are gift from God so you can serve the house of Guru forever. If you understand, you shall understand God at the last minute.”  ~ Yogi Bhajan, International Khalsa Council, Dec 30, 1984.

This year we invite you to experience a nurturing space at the GBKYF inside the Heart Space Children’s Camp, where children and parent/carers can simply be themselves. Where we can leave our conditioning behind and open up to more love, acceptance and growth through sharing the space together, through games, music, arts and laughter.
Within this container adults would be encouraged to connect to their inner child , full of innocence, initiative and curiosity. Where any child would be accepted and supported just the way they are. A place, where we can strip right down to the centre of our love and gratitude. A community which will inspire and uplift every one of us to the highest potential.

0-4 years to be cared for by parent/carer within the children’s camp area
5-12 years can be left in children’s camp with specifically chosen sevadars
13-17 years to group up for teen camp with Hari Karam Singh.

Kundalini Yoga Teachers

We will be working with over 20 experienced Kundalini Yoga teachers, plus music workshops and performances. We will aim to publish the instructors page with confirmed workshop line up at the beginning of April.

Festival Schedule

A full festival schedule with timings will be provided on your arrival. We will aim to share the schedule online before the festival.


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