Amanda Clements

My name is Amanda Clements, and I am a qualified Complimentary Therapist.

In this fast-paced way of life we often push ourselves to the limit both physically and emotionally. We constantly neglect ourselves and allow our bodies to become depleted and running on empty.

With the use of holistic treatments, we can help to keep our bodies in balance, maintain good health and well-being, and help our body and mind to deal with the effects of stress.

I offer a holistic approach to health and well-being through the use of Reflexology, Kundalini Yoga, Indian Head Massage and Tropic natural skincare.

My own healing journey started back in 2012 after some personal difficulties. By chance I found myself in a kundalini yoga class and it completely changed my life and my perspective on it.

Kundalini yoga enabled me to strip back the layers that had piled up through family expectations and social conditioning. It enabled me to look deep inside and to accept, approve of and truly love who I am, and all that I stand for, connecting to my true authentic self.

My journey has grown naturally and authentically and after experiencing the physical and emotional benefits of reflexology it seemed only natural for me to enhance my healing abilities.

People say that I have ‘healing hands’ but I believe that if these wonderful treatments are delivered with integrity and the intention to heal, then heal you will, whether that be physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.