Amrit Jiwan (Anna Strange) 

Amrit Jiwan, or Anna, is a new member of our core team and her role will be organising the daytime program for the festival. 

Amrit Jiwan is a level 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher and Sat Nam Rasayan healer based in Kingston upon Thames. She fell in love with chanting through her practice as a Kundalini yoga teacher which led to her joining Nikki Slade’s inspirational Kirtan leader training in 2019. A surprising musicality emerged and she began creating and co-creating sacred music with voice, harmonium and drum. She released her first single “I am Thine” in 2021 and she runs regular kirtans and sound baths to bring blissful states of consciousness and awakening.

Amrit Jiwan is a supporter of the wonderful Guru Ram Das project, who bring Kundalini Yoga teachings to people in crisis. And she raises funds for them through regular online classes and teaches somewhat chaotic yoga classes for dementia in a care home. 

Anna has a warm, gentle and deep style and she is dedicated to transforming people’s lives through sound, yoga and healing. 

Insta – @amritjiwan