(Saturday 9.30am Children’s Camp) Animal Adventures with Harsha Moore

Harsha Moore (aka Gobind Seetal Kaur)

I am really excited about playing with the children in this animal adventure: in making masks and pretending to be like some of the animals we all love.  One of the fascinating aspects of yoga, for me, is that many of the yoga postures imitate animals.  We learn from their movements; from the sounds they make and from their beautiful spirit and presence.

Having two growing boys, it is a joy to see the ease with which we can have fun, play and create using our imaginations.  Seeing that they respond to the sight and sounds of animals through their own feelings, likes and dislikes.  

Come along to join in and share your animal shapes, movements, roars, squeaks, tweets, songs and more…

Currently I teach kundalini yoga and meditation online.  I love sharing the teachings, and the various benefits they bring to each of us.  It is amazing being with the class to share in the joy and support we bring to each other.