(Sunday 11am) Ecstatic Mantra Celebration with Kwali Kumara

Join Kwali for an uplifting celebratory finale.

Make yourself an instrument of the divine as we indulge in a beautiful selection mantras. You will journey through a series of kundalini meditations that include Kwali’s original music. It has been described as an ‘ancient future fusion in sonic waves of exaltation’.

Expect celestial meditation, chanting , dancing and all round celebrating as we mark the end of the festival in a yogi mantra party.

Kwali rescues serpents so will bring along some of her silky friends to help stimulate your kundalini life force, connecting you to your own inner snake and sprinkling some mystical serpent healing energy into the mediative mix.

The ceremony will culminate in a deep and profound sound journey from the ‘flower of life ‘ gong and other sacred instruments.

About Kwali

Kwali Kumara Aka Hari Bhajan Kaur is a magnetic, uplifting and inspiring kundalini yoga and gong meditation teacher.

Kwali trained with Karam Kriya school in 2008 and is a fully certified level two teacher.

Her passion for people and commitment to serve others, creates a high-vibration, sacred space for healing and transformation to occur.

Her confidence, energy and enthusiasm for the teachings is infectious and motivating.

She teaches from the heart with the intention to support as many souls as possible to evolve, expand in consciousness and realise ones full potential as an Aquarian being.

Kwali has been resident at Triyoga and Evolve In London for nearly a decade, teaching workshops all over the country.

Kwali is also the pioneer of ‘Serpent Healing’.

This transformational work helps students to release fears, deepen their connection to spirit, the natural world and their own kundalini life force energy.

Kwali is a Mantra Artist and has released two Kundalini albums ‘Exalted’ and ‘Ecstatic ‘ with producer Pete Ardron. They continue to make sacred music to accompany the teachings.

She is an accomplished multiple Gong player with over ten years experience in Sacred Sound ceremonies.

Kwali is also a resident presenter, host and Curator of the Ceremony Space for the Mind Body Spirit festivals in London and Birmingham.

Kwali lives a rural life in Cambridgeshire with her partner, son, daughter, dog and sanctuary of twenty snakes.