Harjit Kaur Khondhu (Ad Sach Kaur)

Harjit is a wise, compassionate soul-led coach who creates a space for all to feel safe, nourished & supported in their transformation journey.

When she’s not relaxing with her family, Harjit is an expert Kundalini yoga teacher, mentor, coach, Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner, Shamanic healer, and sound therapist.

Harjit’s classes, training & workshops are unique in that they maintain an honoring of key ancient practices for healing, self-development & transformation as well as practical tools to deal with life’s challenges which everyone at any level can benefit from.

Harjit is a true master at what she does, extremely passionate and engaging when she is teaching and also using Sat Nam Rasayan which has been her go-to tool for personal healing.

Harjit is part of the team that offers Sat Nam Rasayan at the festival each year.

Harjit Kaur Khondhu (Ad Sach Kaur)