(Sunday 11am) Learning to follow the call of your heart – it knows the way! – with Juliet Russell-Roberts

What is it that your heart most desires? If you could do or be anything you want, what would it be? So often we are blocked from either knowing what this is or from following it when we do, held back by fears or a need to conform. In this workshop we will tune in to and empower our heart centre so that we can learn to hear the innermost callings of our heart, balancing head and heart so that our ego can step out of the way, and getting in touch with higher level guidance to help us move forward in alignment with our soul path. Now is the time to think big, to release any shackles that have held us back and to take the necessary steps towards the fulfilment of our destinies.

About Juliet Russell-Roberts

Juliet is a writer, healer and therapist, trained in a variety of therapeutic/healing modalities including Kundalini Yoga, Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Shamanic Healing. It was through the practice of Kundalini Yoga that Juliet found her true calling in life and she is now passionate about sharing the teachings in order to uplift and elevate others and to inspire them to reach their full potential in life. Juliet uses a holistic approach that focuses on mind, body and spirit and her aim is to help individuals get back in touch with their inner core. Find out more about Juliet at www.julietrussellroberts.com.