(Ceremonies & Evening MC) Kary Preetam Kaur

Preetam Kaur / Kary Stewart is Kundalini Yoga teacher, gong therapist and yogic entrepreneur who is super active in the community. in 2012 she co-founded the Kundalini Yoga Collective in 2012, a teachers’ group who run classes and events with a focus on creating community. With a deep interest in ancient wisdom and how it can be applied in a modern context, Preetam has been inspired to create Gatherings in Peru, India, Ireland and in 2020 was headed to Mexico until… Preetam is also a curator and producer of conscious content and events, running wellness areas at festivals and conferences and a speaker and radio / online host, contributing and offering service to numerous committees and projects. Her day job is as a multimedia and digital producer and journalist, working in the music industry for 20 years and more recently in the fields of global development and spirituality.