(Friday 3.30pm) Be a drop in the infinite ocean with Kerti Kal Bhagtee

Allow yourself to surrender in to the state of non-resistance, going with the flow through breath and movements. Just like water begins to move once many droplets join, allowing to be cleansed, guided and carried in unity towards the vast infinite ocean of your True Self, Sat Nam.

Shakti Dance® is a unique Yogic System with a distinctive method and practice, created by Sara Avtar.

As a form of yoga, Shakti Dance® uses flowing, rhythmic organic movements to harmonise mind, body and spirit. Combining, breath, movement, mantra and mindfulness, we are returned to our true nature ~ tuning the body as in instrument to express our essence, with original creativity and authenticity.

In Form: Shakti Dance® is a unique and harmonious blend of Flowing Asanas, Rhythmic Breathing, Energising Dance Exercises, Free Dance, Relaxation, Still Meditation, and Mantra Movement Meditations (Celestial Communications & Mantric Choreographies).

In Essence: Shakti Dance® practice cultivates the free, organic and creative expression of inner being. It massages and liberates the body and mind from blockages, relaxing stress – opening out into peaceful wakeful spaciousness and a gracefully flowing life.

About Kerti Kal Bhagtee

Kerti Kal Bhagtee is an International Shakti Dance and Kundalini yoga practitioner. A sincere and joyful practice of Shakti Dance won her heart over straight away, going on to complete her Level 1 training in UK, and Level 2’s in Spain and Italy. These gentle and powerful practices have transformed all areas of her life.

From a certain free spirited essence of nature and play in her joyful childhood in Saaremaa, Estonia, together with the self discipline and devotion to her ongoing Kundalini yoga and Shakti Dance practise, Kerti expressively brings these contrasting aspects to her unique and beautiful classes.