(Saturday 3.30pm) Crazy Times with Kiranjot

Astro Chat and Kundalini Yoga Practice to Help Integrate the Archetypal Energies of Aquarius

Last year, we investigated the archetype of Aquarius, through the relationship between the planetary rulers, Saturn and Uranus. This year there’s some major Aquarian celestial energies going on so we’ll have a look at what they’re up to in the sky and then practice some awesome Aquarian Kundalini Yoga to ride the big cosmic waves.

About Kiranjot

Kiranjot has been teaching kundalini yoga since 2008. She’s trained with Shiv and Satya, Guru Rattana, Karta Singh and Gurmukh. Based in Peckham, South East London, she’s currently teaching via her private FB group Sat Nam Fam from her small sunny studio Monday – Friday 7.45-8.30am and Wednesday nights 7.30-8.30