(Friday 9.30am Children’s Camp) Harsaran Kaur

My experience of outdoor education and holistic wellbeing practices comes to children through imaginative storytelling, creative yoga poses, music, dance and art.

Yoga has enriched my life with invaluable therapeutic tools which have aided me since childhood in every aspect of my life.
Sharing these tools with the very special children I have had the blessing of working with and learning from, has helped Yogi Me grow to where it is today.Yogi Me is yoga for children and a whole lot more! Each session is a holistic learning experience, a journey through the senses that combines storytelling with interactive yoga sequences to enhance creativity and conscious wellbeing.Yogi Me provides children with a ‘ backpack’ full of tools for their journey through life . Our workshops encourage creativity and adventurous spirit, build resilience through yoga poses and meditations and incorperate affirmations and celestial communication to enhance confidence and self- esteem.

Yogi Me helps our children to use imagination and have fun whilst discovering their breath and self awareness. We strengthen healthy bodies with mindful active play to support children’s formative years and guide them to find a greater sense of calm and inner peace.

Yogi Me 
is shared with children and their families through classes, workshops and as an outreach program to nurseries, pre-schools, schools and community. 
Please find out more : www.iamyogime.com