Madeleine Honor

Madi Shrimpton
Madeleine has been practicing yoga for over ten years. When she discovered Kundalini Yoga, she was deeply inspired by the sound current of the mantras and the power and effectiveness of the practice, and since then she has embraced it as the cornerstone in her life.

She trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2015 with Karam Kriya school and is currently midway through her Level two courses. Recently, she has returned from an extended residency teaching Kundalini Yoga, Gong/Sound healing and Reiki healing at the acclaimed Sen Wellness Sanctuary in Sri Lanka. She is also a professional singer who has performed on BBC Radio and is currently in the process of making a Kundalini Yoga mantra album.

Madeleine has spent years as a performer and running drama and singing workshops with groups of women, children and refugees. She has also trained as a Theta Healer, Reiki 1,2&Master Level, and in Shamanic journeying. She currently works at Blackheath Conservatoire teaching musical workshops to children and parents.