Maya Dattani

Maya is a kind, caring, compassionate Kundalini Yoga teacher with over 13 years of experience in her field. She uses breath work, movement, meditation mindfulness, and mantra to calm the nervous system and bring back harmony to the mind and body. 
Maya can relate well to her clients as she was also a sufferer of panic attacks, anxiety, and depression when she went through her divorce. This is when she found Kundalini Yoga, it changed her life forever. She says Kundalini yoga was her lifesaver, it bought her back to herself, it made her more calmer, centered, focused, and definitely mentally stronger. 
Maya is also a Tantra and embodiment teacher in training, a fan of cold showers, good food, and loves being in the elements of nature.
She has a yoga studio in her hometown of Milton Keynes and loves connecting with like-minded people, so if you see her say hello.