(Saturday 11am) Man-to-Man with Kirpal Singh and Hari Karam Singh

As men, we spend so much time invested in trying to become the hero: the work hero, the family hero, facebook hero, youtube hero with so many clicks. We spend so much time trying to overcome our weaknesses and conquer our insecurities, yet we often find ourselves grappling with the same old demons again and again. 

Is there a better way? 
What if we could go beyond the hero-complex and move into a stage where we chose to let old patterns collapse?
Where we dare to fight to become who we are?
Where we step up to each moment?
Unarmed with only Authenticity by our side…
and in doing so
touch the soul of all.

Our presence, 
Our radiance, 
That dissolves the divide,
between us and the world,
and invites all to being expansive,
Being One.

Let us come together as men to breathe, speak, sing and laugh through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. With Kirpal Singh and Hari Karam Singh both longtime practitioners and teachers of KY.