(Friday 11am) Open Your Heart To New Opportunities (& Gong) with Jotipal Kaur

please bring a notebook

We are living in unprecedented times. Do we listen to the limited mind or follow the guidance of the heart? When we can open the heart and drop the defensiveness or the need to overprotect, we can open up to the flow of energy within us and around us.  The Universe will then respond to bringing us new opportunities in alignment with our hearts calling. Come and be uplifted by this Kundalini Yoga workshop and then enter into the stillness with the gong.

For an authentic sound with the gong, please ensure you have headphones or an outside speaker for your laptop or mobile phone. This has worked really well for people and they are loving the access to gong during lockdown!

About Jotipal Kaur, Kundalini Yoga teacher and BodyTalk Practitioner

My name is Jotipal Kaur. I have practiced yoga for over 20 years and qualified as a Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2012. I have also worked in energy medicine for 10 years and played the gong for 5 years. I playing 32-inch symphonic gong which I love! Kundalini Yoga has been an amazing and transformative journey for me and one which I am passionate about sharing with others. It has been the biggest resource for me through 3 major bereavements in my life. I teach women’s courses, classes, workshops and run retreats throughout the UK and look forward to sharing this special class with you. My website is: www.thegoldenlight.co.uk