Rachel Leigh-Janney

Rachel Leigh-Janney has been part of our Committee for 7 years and has had the pleasure of leading the Children’s Camp, coordinating our Gurdwara, managing the Kitchen Team in previous year and this year return’s to the role of overseeing Bookings & Reception. 

Rachel loves being a wife to Scotty and Mummy to Aslan. These boys teach me daily the true meaning of Sadhana and what it means to have a daily spiritual practise! 

She passionate about all things plant based, helping others transition to a plant based lifestyle!

Rachel is compelled to use Kundalini Yoga to shine her light brightly into the darker area of life! In 2019 her daughter Narayan was stillborn, it is through the deep teachings of KY that she is able to stay connected to her daughter and now helps others to understand and process their own Grief Journey.