(Friday 11am Red Tent) Victoria Amore Moon cycles and our inner goddess.

Victoria is a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher, Gong Sound Healer and breath work facilitator. Victorias teaching methods fuse formal training with her intuition, her understanding of the Moon and her appreciation of the power of being a woman.
Workshop: Moon cycles and our inner goddess.
We are sisters of the Moon. Join us on a journey of meditation, breathe work, guided visualisations with sound healing to align you with a goddess energy, invoking an inner strength and guidance. Opening up to the powers within. You will finish the session feeling relaxed, empowered and connected to the magnificence that is Womb-man. 


Blessed to be the first session of red tent this year on Friday 11-1pm will be Updesh Kaur & Victoria Amore. Opening a safe space for sharing Victoria will allow her wisdom of Moon cycles to connect us with our divine feminine. This  opens the way for Updesh to take us deeper inside connecting further with our own individual goddess energy to awaken to our Collective Divine Femininity of sisterhood. We are One.