(Saturday 3.30pm Red Tent) Rezobo with Dr. Japjeet Rajbir Kaur

I will be introducing you to the Rebozo or Manta, a shawl traditionally used in Closing the Bones (CtB) or Cerrada-ceremonies. Traditionally offered during the postpartum (or to heal a miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, loss), Rebozo work as in CtB is also used to support us when menstruating, to mark major transitions in a woman’s life, such as the menarche, marriage, divorce, job or home changes, (peri)menopause, hysterectomy, … as well as for treatment of anxiety, shock, trauma, PTSD, ADD, autism, or sensory overstimulation.

For me, the Rebozo symbolizes both the fabric and the tight weave of Sisterhood: it provides support, comfort, softness, the feeling of being held, and a chrysalis-like space for the many transformations we as women go through. While being rocked and wrapped in a rebozo helps a woman to find her own self and center again and seals up any energy leakages, being in a circle of women can do the same thing for us. Now imagine the strength of those 2 combined…

I’ll show you several ways in which you can massage your entire body with a Rebozo (and even use it for stretches in your yoga practice), teach you to wrap your own hips and abdomen, and show you some massage techniques for the abdomen and hips, helping to release tension from the abdominal fascia and adrenalin deposits on the hip bones.

Bring a Rebozo or Pashmina-type fabric (not too slippery) and soma massage oil and a small towel.


About Dr. Japjeet Rajbir Kaur

Dr. Japjeet Rajbir Kaur (° in Belgium, but based in Leicester since 2012) left her academic career (Belgium & USA) in 2011 to focus on teaching Kundalini Yoga and offering holistic therapies. She is a KRI-certified Level 2 KY teacher & Intern Teacher Trainer. She has been running women’s circles & women’s retreats for over a decade, and her passion for working with women has guided her to becoming a Closing the Bones practitioner and CtB trainer for the UK and Europe 3 years ago, as well as directed her focus in yoga, nutrition, aromatherapy and herbal medicine on different areas of women’s lives and womb work. A lot of what she offers is centered around fertility problems, PCOS, endometriosis, painful periods, as well as sexual and/or birth trauma. Japjeet is also a massage therapist, a postnatal doula, a nutrition & health coach, life & yoga coach, and an aromatherapist (with her own line of organic homemade skincare & cleaning products). For 3 years in a row now (2017-2019), ThreeBestRated awarded her with their ‘Badge of Excellence’ as ‘Best Business of the Year’ for the category Yoga Classes in Leicester, testifying to the consistent quality of classes and services offered.