(Friday 6am Sadhana) Sadhna Sangat

Friday 29th Morning 

Sadhna Sangat

Our intension is simply to support each other, allow space for healing and growth.  No judgements, just inspiration and a determined attitude to ride on the waves of life. 

We are connected deeply by the teachings and all of us are working in various fields. However the practice of sadhna has been transformational in our lives. Life has a renewed purpose for us, Everlasting and ever expanding.  
We are devoted to sharing our practice and at the same time understand there needs to be an outreach available to people who would like to experience sadhna as a group. 
The live sadhna takes place in Coventry. West Midlands. However we have people from all over the UK joining in regular. Also participants from as far as Norway and Scotland, Italy and Germany.  It is for anyone who is interested In Their well-being and spiritual growth.  Friday mornings – 4:30am GMT.  For more info contact us WhatsApp: Ravi. 07973 844036  Nandh. 07872310843  Email: healthyandhappy108@gmail.com