(Friday 11am) The Flowering of the Heart with Ishwara Kaur & Kirpal Singh

Through Teachings, a kriya, meditation and singing, we will focus on the theme of the festival.

In particular, the transformation of the pain in our hearts, into a flowering that includes the whole of humanity. This will raise our consciousness so that we walk more gently on the earth.

About Kirpal Singh

Martial arts and theatre, clowning and spirituality were part of Kirpal Singh’s upbringing. From 1985 onwards, he focused on the Kundalini Yoga practice, which guided him through his life in the film industry.

He trains Karam Kriya consultants and Kundalini Yoga teachers (Level 1 & 2 & 21 Stages of Meditation)

He has trained in western and traditional Indian music and keertan (devotional singing) and continues to explore teaching through music.

In 2012 he and Ishwara Kaur Co-founded, Ik Saran Dhian – School for Sacred Teachings.

About Ishwara Kaur

For many years, Ishwara Kaur has devoted herself to the spiritual life.

She is a Teacher and Trainer of Kundalini Yoga and a Mentor for new trainees.

She has experienced deep transformation over the years which has given her an in depth understanding of the challenges and joys of the spiritual path.

She is a musician so she accompanies the singing of mantras with her guitar and she is passionate about the spiritual Teachings relating to women, conscious relationships and being a female Spiritual Teacher.

Her teaching is filled with humour, compassion, wisdom and inclusivity.