(Saturday 3.30pm) Transforming the Wounds of Love with Angad Kaur

The over-arching number of the year is 4, expressed through the 4th chakra and the living example of Guru Ram Das who recognised the pain that we carry in our hearts from being human.

Life offers experiences we call “heart break” but these are opportunities for our hearts to break open and expand, to give ourselves fully, like the flower continuously blooms and offers its fragrance to all. In this way we can touch the hearts of others and allow our own hearts to be truly touched and full.

We will explore the qualities of number 4, share stories and practice meditations for the heart.

About Angad Kaur

Angad Kaur is a KRI Professional Trainer and has been organising Level 1 Aquarian Teacher programs in the UK since 2009. She’s a trainer and consultant in Karam Kriya – the applied science of spiritual numerology, which she combines with an ongoing study and practice of Kundalini Therapy. Angad is also a Sikh Chaplain and a passionate student of Gurbani, the living Word that awakens the mystical and magical dimensions of our selves and the universe.