[Workshop] Breathwalk with Karen Neate

“I forget everything when vibrating mantra”

This was a comment from one participant after two Breath Walk sessions 🙏🌟💚

Breath Walk is a simple but effective  science that teaches you to breath properly through  combining specific conscious breath patterns ,conscious breathing and synchronised walking along with directed awareness.

it’s meditative and mindful practice brings a sense of calm and clarity, reuniting mind, body and spirit and regaining connectedness to self.

Breath, posture and rhythm help alter the emotions bringing mental clarity , restoring inner confidence and vitality.

Primal sound and mantra activate the brain, inducing different moods and changing inner dialogue and breaking patterns .

Mudras trigger positive changes in the body increasing communication in the brain breaking patterns and breaking down memories.

Spending time in nature also  has beneficial healing effects lowering stress levels and strengthening the immune system , counteracting depression and improving sleep.

Connectivity with yourself on a deeper level is becoming more and more important for health and well-being in a world that is so constantly and rapidly changing.

Breath Walk gives you the tools that will  directly affect your mind and flow of thought , helping to relieve fatigue, reduce stress, strengthen immunity, improving circulation, mood swings and stamina.


There will be a warm up pranayama and exercises on Zoom with me  prior to your Breathwalk which you will need to have an mp3  downloaded to listen to on route.

Please have appropriate footwear for the terrain you will be walking and have shoes coats etc ready to put on after our warm ups , if the weather is lovely and you are able,  do them in the garden .

If you are in a small group , please practice in silence maybe having one person instructing from the recording . There will be silences during the recording between each instruction and the next , you may just hear a few prompts to remind of alignment and breath.

Please think about where you are walking, the whole walk needs to completed within the time so be mindful that you need to turn round to head home at a half way point .

The Breathwalk will last approximately 25/30 mins  you will then be back at your home to finish a wind down series and a meditation on zoom with me  .

If you have any questions prior to this please ask either via email or on the festival FB page

See you on Sunday

Karen 🙏💗


We have to walk in a way that we only print peace and serenity on the Earth.

Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet . ~ Thich  Nhat Hanh