Yelena Lazuli

I am Yelena Lazuli, a certified kids yoga teacher and a founder of Yogiki Yoga – kids yoga club and Lazuli Studio.

I am a passionate and experienced yoga teacher and a proud mum of two very active daughters, 8 and 4 years old, and I have experienced first hand how just a little time doing yoga every day can have a positive, radical impact on children.

I love creating a nourishing, non-competitive environment for children to express themselves freely through yoga, gently guiding kids to become more aware of and confident in their bodies and proud of their beautiful uniqueness. A safe space where children develop strength, flexibility and coordination using animated yoga poses, stretching exercises, breathing techniques and creativity. While playing yoga children learn to become more compassionate and grateful, resilient and calm through deeper understanding of their body, mind and spirit. 

I run regular yoga classes for kids and teenagers, family yoga sessions, holiday clubs and various yoga related workshops for children and adults from my home studio in Kingston upon Thames.

I also run Women Circles to support women from different walks of life through the wisdom of Tea, Moon, Sound and Ayurvedic Yoga.