Yelena Lazuli

My name is Yelena, I’m a Yoga Teacher, Tea Ritualist, and Women Circle Facilitator. 

My place of power is St.Petersburg, a beautiful city where I was born, grew up and lived right up until I came to London one day… and then life happened and I found myself living in this melting pot of cultures and traditions, feeling grateful for the opportunities it gifts. 

My first degree was in economics in social sphere that lead me to the event management line of work for an international company. 

When I moved to London my strong Venus guided me to discovered my passion for beautiful interiors and I worked for a number of years as an interior designer in one of the London practices. And all this time my Tea and Yoga practices were gently supporting me through the demands of everyday life. 

Then think family, two beautiful daughters… and here I am: kids yoga teacher, mindfulness practitioner, certified moonologer, tea ritualist and explorer of all things spirituality can bring to enhance and understand Self, the connection with the Universe and the way back to One. 

I now have a lovely studio at the back of the garden where I practise myself and share my experiences and knowledge with kids, teenagers and women inspired by amazing people like the collective of this Festival  💞 and I’m so grateful to be a part of the Core Team this year. 

Only now I see how the random pieces of my life fit perfectly together to create a unique puzzle picture of someone who can create and hold a beautiful space for others, organise and run events and share my personal spiritual discoveries, rituals and practices. Life is so complex and incredibly beautiful and inspiring!