Selfless service or Seva (a Sanskrit word) is a service which is performed without any expectation of personal reward, yet investing the best skills and spirit possible, offering the results of one’s efforts for a higher or even unknown purpose.

In a culture where we always expect a return for our investment Seva is a radical proposition that moves us out of our usual mindset into a radical spirit of liberation from any illusion about ourselves. The idea is to challenge and ultimately resolve the bond with which we tie ourselves to our reputation, history, possession, pride and ego, and reach liberation from worldly entanglement, the aim of Yoga.

“Every selfless act is born from the eternal infinite Divine, who is present in every act of service.” (Bhagavad Gita 3.16)

Seva Services

The festival was created on the basis of sharing and unconditional giving and encourages you to participate in this spirit. On arrival at the festival you will be offered the possibility of joining a team of Sevadars and supporting one of these areas (not all applicable in 2018):

Food Preparation
Food Service
Cleaning Dishes
Kids Camp
Teens Camp
Family Camp

Seva Groups

Similar to the European Kundalini Yoga Festival in France, you can chose one of these Seva groups on arrival (first come first serve). These groups will also have the purpose of sharing groups. Each group will have an experienced Kundalini Yoga teacher as leader, who will guide you every day in your task and will also facilitate a sharing circle where you can speak about your experiences and challenges at the festival and listen to those of the other group members.

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