Sikh Dharma

Kundalini Yoga is a technology that supports the soul journey of each individual, as such, one does not need to belong to any particular philosophy or religion to reap its benefits. However, Yogi Bhajan’s Teachings are grounded in Sikh Dharma so the practise maintains strong links with this tradition.

One core aspect of Sikh Dharma is the Sangat, which is a spiritual community of like-minded people. It is in the company of the sangat that we can truly explore who we are and be supported on our journey in this and future lifetimes.

Exploring the lives of the 10 Sikh Gurus deeply informs us regarding the qualities that they embodied and hence the virtues that form the basis of the Sikh Tradition and other spiritual traditions. They can provide inspiration for our daily lives, whether we are Sikh or not. These virtues include; humility, loyalty, equality, service, sacrifice, fearlessness, mercy, compassion, endurance and royal courage.

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